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We do not longer use Ax25UDP

We have switched to saxIgate to get the data from ON0DAS-4 to T2BELGIUM. The use of the Ax25UDP tunnel has been discontinued.

Why did we use it ?

We use AX25UDP to create a KISS tunnel over our WAN network between ON0DAS-4 and ON0DAS-4 uses this port virtual kiss port as a 3rd port on the crossdigi and relays APRS UI-Broadcasts over this port to the other side.

On the other side ( the virtual kiss port is connected to JavAPRSsrv. This way all RF-received APRS data is available on

For a visual representation, check the network diagram.

Notes about AX25UDP

The secret of AX25UDP is: Actually, the software is called AX25IPD, but you have to configure it for UDP.

We run a patched version of ax25ipd and kissattach, to support the new pseudo terminal ports (from udev, which is used in current linux distributions).

* Email from F6BVP about patching ax25ip
* Files you need to patch

If you want to run it over the UDP protocol, you need to reconfigure ax25ip. Consult the following email for info:

* Email from WB5AOH about UDP usage with AX25IP

Our configs

Because we think that Ham-Radio ops need to share information, we have decided to post configs of our setup.

* /etc/ax25/ax25ipd.conf @ON0DAS-4
* /usr/local/etc/ax25/ax25ipd.conf
* ax25ipd script for ON0DAS-4
* ax25ipd script for