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Why do we use it ?

Digi_ned is used for digipeating APRS data in a smart way. The software checks if the UI-paths are valid and keeps record of frames so that duplicates are not retransmitted (loops). It is a lot better then just TNC-digipeating or Packet-digipeating, because those are prone to cause UI-Floods.

Where does it live ?

This is the heart of the ON0DAS APRS service. We run it on Linux, and the computerhardware is mounted just beneath the antenna. 80Ah batteries provide backup power the the PC, transceivers and modems. In case of emergency, when the power and internet-links are down, ON0DAS-4 can stay up for a long time to provide us with a basic data network.

An Ax25UDP link provides a KISS-tunnel to, where a JavAPRSsrv puts the data on the internet.
The AX25UDP link has been replaced by SaxIgate. This reads the data directly from the kernel ax-ports and pushes it over TCP/IP to our JavAPRSsrv. For a visual representation, check out our network diagram.

Our configs

First of all, you can get digi_ned at the authors website (PE1DNN):
Also check out the renewed website at

* ON0DAS-4 CrossDigi config: digi_ned.ini