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Why do we use it ?

We run a JavAPRSsrv server (T2BELGIUM) with a link to ON0DAS-4 (digined/SaxIgate). The server has a 100mbit internet uplink. Check the network diagram for a visual representation.

The purpose of this service is to transmit the data received on RF to the APRS-IS backbone. This way, all the data transmitted by mobile stations on RF is also available on webapplications like,, FindU, and many more..

Since we have a lot of bandwith, we also offer client connections to HAM or CWOP operators over the internet. This way you can get the aprs data via the net, or even offer your RF received data for transmission on the net.
You can also connect to an APRS-Tier2 node for the same data.

More info

You can view the status here: (Your firewall needs to allow port 14501 for outgoing traffic)

You can view statistics here

We provide to following ports for public connections:

* - Full APRS feed. (+- 20kb/s)
* - User-definable filter port
* - Messages only

Our configs

You can't get javAPRSsrvr directly from the internet. You need to ask the author AE5PL permission to use it.
For this reason, we decided not to make our configs public.

You can get more information at the aprs-is website: