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ON0BAF used to be one of the bigger AX25 network nodes in Belgium. It had TCP/IP router capabilities over AX25 and an extensive list of services. The ON0BAF team developed the MCB152. A 9600bps modem with ethernet connectivity that would hook up to the TCP/IP/AX25 services like a home router.

For the last decade, ON0BAF has also been offering APRS digi services on 144.800Mhz, even after the other AX25 services ceased to exist. However, the last few years no maintenance was done on the digipeater and it became conflicted with the new paradigm.

Late 2008, UBA/RST, the owners of ON0BAF, asked the ON0DAS team to reconfigure the node, so it would be up to date and ready for 2009. The choice was made to setup a second tranceiver on 430.5125Mhz and a new crossdigi would come into existence.

The alpha version of our modified Slax Linux was installed, Digined setup and even an Ax25UDP tunnel to T2BELGIUM was created for igate functionality. In March 2009 the Ax25UDP tunnel was replaced with the SaxIgate software for igate purposes.
The ON0BAF APRS node software is still maintained by ON4SAX. This happens offsite via the internet.