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What is saxIgate

saxIgate is a small C program that reads UI data (APRS) from the Linux Kernel and pushes it to an APRS-IS server.
Since the Linux Kernel handles the hardware, you can use anything the kernel supports as Modem (TNC, BayCom, Soundcard, etc).

Why do we use it ?

We use it to connect from ON0DAS-4 to T2BELGIUM. Checkout the network page to get a visual image of this.

Where do I find it ?

It is OpenSource under GPL and you can get it from its Google Code project page.



   * saxIgate now runs as a deamon when not in verbose mode.
   * Cleaned up #includes to get rid of 'Implicit Declaration' warnings when compiling.
   * saxIgate sends out an ID beacon on connect over TCP/IP only (not on RF). 


   * Fixed some memory leaks that caused crash after a few days.
   * Fixed bug that would truncate digipath on some systems. 


   * Program now reconnects on disconnect instead of exiting.
   * Caching system added to prevent double data to be send after a digipeater re-airs it. 


   * Initial release to public (google code) under the GNU License v3.
   * Code cleanup and added comments for my own sake :p I tend to forget what something is for when a project is in the fridge to long.
   * Using STD_ERR for error messages.
   * Actually using the Verbose flag (-v). No output to STD_OUT if omitted.
   * Checking for -p, -c and -s flags! These are required.
   * Fixed bug that would give a Segmentation Fault when NOT running in verbose mode. 


   * Added code to connect, login and send data to APRS-IS. Tested with my own APRS-IS server T2BELGIUM running javAPRSSrvr 3.14b05 with 2 live APRS digi's (ON0DAS-4 & ON0BAF-4)
   * Modified ax25 code to also read packages that are locally transmitted (for digi beacons etc) 


   * Added callpass generator (code from Xastir) and formatting of ax25 data for I-gate transmission. 


   * Initial code to read ax25 messages from the kernel. Code copied from the digi_ned project and modified to suit saxIgate needs.