Sitecom LN030 Linux Driver

Sitecom LN030 Linux Driver


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For some of our projects we use a Sitecom LN030 Ethernet USB Adapter for extra Ethernet Ports. Since most of our software is Linux based, we needed a Linux driver.

The device is not natively supported in Linux (checked kernel ...)
The chipset of the device is the Moschip MCS7380, however this driver does not recognize the Sitecom LN030 Adapter since it has a different vendor- & productid then the MCS product.

The solution was simple, ON4SAX went into the driver source code and hacked it so that the driver also recognized the Sitecom LN030 Adapter. Since this is not so common to do, the driver is available for download here:


ATTENTION: This driver has ONLY been tested WITH the Sitecom LN030 under CENTOS 5.2 kernel ...
The driver should also support the original MCS7830 product, but this is untested. Please use the 
original moschip driver if you need it for anything else then the Sitecom LN030.

Installation is simple:

  • Make sure your linux kernel source is available and linked into /lib/modules/<kernel version>/build.
  • Extract the tar.gz with tar -xvfj Sitecom-ln030-7830.tar.gz
  • Go into the directory Sitecom-ln030-7830 (cd Sitecom-ln030-7830)
  • type: make
  • after the driver is installed, type make load to load it immediatly.
  • Please read the README inside the tar.gz for more information.
kernel: usb0: register usbnet at usb-0000:00:1d.7-4, MOSCHIP 7830 usb-NET adapter, 00:0c:f6:3a:f9:f6
kernel: usbcore: registered new driver MOSCHIP usb-ethernet driver